Beyond Earth Orbit: Solar System Exploration and Spacesuits

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This 6-day workshop will provide a state-of-the art overview on solar system exploration: Ranging from robotic mission to the dusty deserts of Mars, the spectacular Saturn System to the ice-worlds of Pluto. In a series of interactive lectures, the participants will learn about the engineering challenges, programmatic backgrounds and the scientific dimension of recent solar system exploration missions. The programme will also introduce educational tools and classroom activities for various student age groups and  how to implement them in the daily teaching.

A special focus is on human spaceflight, including future human Mars missions - a specialisation where the hosting organisation, the Austrian Space Forum, offers a significant expertise - especially in the field of human-robotic Mars simulations. As a highlight, the participants will be introduced to the Aouda.X, currently Europe's only Mars exploration spacesuit simulator: How it is built and operated, what kind of challanges will astronauts encounter when exploring Mars. This will also include practical exercises using a small Mars mock-up rover and training equipment for the analog astronauts of the Austrian Space Forum. The international flavor of the event also aims to offer teachers the opportunity to make links with colleagues and schools in other countries.

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Mon, 27/11/2017 to Sat, 02/12/2017


Innsbruck, Austria



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