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The European Science Education Academy (ESEA) wants to empower teachers to create a new wave of interest towards science in young generations.


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Join and participate in our training activities! Find out more about the upcoming ESEA training opportunities for the upcoming months!


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Are you looking for EU funding? Find out how the Erasmus+ programme can support your participation in ESEA training activities.


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21 Jul

Bardeen Nobel Prizes presented at ISE Summer Academy 2016

During the ISE Summer Academy 2016 teachers and trainers enjoyed seeing not one, but two Nobel Prizes that belong to late John Bardeen.

20 Jul

Over 200 STEM Teachers Gathered in Marathon, Greece

More than 200 teachers from 25+ countries, including USA, Puerto Rico, and from all over Europe gathered in Marathon for the ISE Summer Academy 2016.

10 Jul

ESEA on Social Media

Connect, follow and have a conversation with us! The European Science Education Academy (ESEA) is driven by the vision to empower teachers to create a new wave of interes

30 Jun

Celebrating Juno’s arrival at Jupiter - Tuesday July 5th, 19:00-20:30

After 5 years trip, Juno is finally arriving at its destination; the biggest planet of our solar system.

30 Jun

ISE Summer Academy 2016 about to kick off!

Only few days left before the Inspiring Science Education Summer Academy 2016 starts in Marathon, Greece.

30 Jun

Summer Courses 2016 Programmes

Summer Courses 2016 Programmes have been announced!

18 Sep

ESA/GTTP Teacher Training 2015

The sixth edition of ESA-GTTP teacher training is now open for applications.

18 Sep

Join the Eratosthenes Experiment: September 2015

This year the Eratosthenes experiment will take place on the 23 September, on the autumnal equinox day.

18 Sep

The Big Ideas of Science Challenge

Many students often argue that the school science curriculum they have is so packed that eventually they forget most of the things they learn at school shortly after they graduate, especi





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The European Science Education Academy (ESEA) is a common effort of the European Physical Society, Ellinogermaniki Agogi, NUCLIO, and the Cardiff University to support the modernization and continuous development of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education and training. ESEA provides numerous training activities, tools and resources that will enable teachers in STEM to maximize their efforts in the design of inquiry based learning activities as well as to create motivating and engaging lessons that inspire young pupils and students to take up a career in STEM.
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