Apply for Teacher Training Courses in 2018

The European Science Education Academy (ESEA) has just published the upcoming ISE Summer Schools for 2018. We are happy to present you an even wider array of courses based on the latest educational trends, such as: Open Schooling,

STE(A)M, Digital Storytelling, Deeper Learning, Online Labs, IBSE. All courses are supported by experts from all over Europe that will help and support you in creating more exciting science lessons.

Participation for all courses can be funded by Erasmus+ (KA1). Learn how to successfully apply for funding here!

Come and join us in Marathon, Greece in July 2018 for a unique opportunity to interact and work closely with educational experts and scientists to develop new learning activities for your schools and students.

Choose the course that is most interesting to you and don’t forget to register today!

More information here.