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20 Apr

LIVE: Earth Match Classroom Activity

Hosted by Rosa Doran of GTTP and Vivian White of ASP, the webinar will feature Theresa Summer discussing classroom activity ‘Earth Match’ card game.

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20 Apr

LIVE: Geology & Edu in Ethiopia

Europlanet’s monthly webinar series returns with Dr Barbara Cavalazzi from the Department of Biological Sciences, Geological and Environmental at the University of Bologna and hosted by Rosa Doran of NUCLIO.

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22 Mar

Students Discover Variable Stars!

Training teachers not only gives the opportunity for the teacher to learn new skills, but also make new collaborations and to be inspired for new endeavours. Carlos Morales Socorro is a mathematics teacher at the IES El Calero in Spain and took part in the “Adventure in the Canary Islands” teacher training course organised by IAC TENERIFE and NUCLIO. Carlos designed a project called ‘My First Discovery’ to able the students learn and apply mathematical elements of different blocks of contents within STEM and to complete the process oriented towards making a scientific discovery.

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15 Mar

Eratosthenes Experiment: March 2017

This year the Eratosthenes experiment will take place on the 21 March, on the spring equinox day. Take part through your school by registering at the website with your school’s longitude and latitude.

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The European Science Education Academy (ESEA) is a common effort of the European Physical Society, Ellinogermaniki Agogi, NUCLIO, and the Cardiff University to support the modernization and continuous development of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education and training. ESEA provides numerous training activities, tools and resources that will enable teachers in STEM to maximize their efforts in the design of inquiry based learning activities as well as to create motivating and engaging lessons that inspire young pupils and students to take up a career in STEM.
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